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Ropeway specifications

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Ropeway Specifications
Ropeway type Multiple track standard ropeway
Cable length 2764.20m
Horizontal length 2702.22m
Vertical interval 441.30m
Maximum grade 28 degrees 17 minutes
Number of support pillars 7 pillars (15 to 29m)
Diameter of support cables φ52mm
Diameter of towing cables φ24mm
Operating speed 5.0m/s
Carriage departure interval 20 minutes
Maximum passenger capacity 61 people
Travel time 12 minutes
Transit services commenced July 27, 1970
Ropeway manufacturer Nippon Cable Co., Ltd.

Ropeway characteristics

The first ropeway in Japan to implement energy saving features!

After undergoing major upgrade work, to upgrade existing mechanisms and implement energy saving features, the “Rokko-Arima Ropeway” and “Maya Ropeway” have been refurbished, and have reopened on March 1st, 2014 and October 11th, 2014, respectively.
The energy saving features installed in the ropeway systems are the first of their kind in Japan, and are unprecedented when compared to other ropeway systems in the world.